Carpet Cleaning – The Best Way Out

Carpet cleaning is a job that is either done properly or not done at all. There are no two ways about the cleanliness of a carpet. It has to be thoroughly clean for it to be called as hygienic and safe for pets, older people, and children. Children tend to get sick often if they breathe the dust from the carpet or are bitten by dust mites. And don’t forget the contaminants on the carpet that get transferred on it through either your feet or shoes. The first rule of keeping a carpet clean is cleaning a spill or stain immediately before it becomes stubborn and sticky. Always clean the carpet regularly to prevent the breeding of dust mites. One of the best ways to take care of the dust in your carpet is vacuuming it thoroughly on a regular basis.

Next, in carpet cleaning is the treatment of stains; any stain is best cleaned when it is blotted out before it dries. Rubbing a stain makes it worse and hard to rinse or clean it, making the job more tedious and messier. The simple approach would be simply clean it with hot water or some vinegar and water after you blot the stain out. There are various types of stains that can be found on carpets – ink, wine, food, oil, grease, urine, etc and each type is treated differently and the best solutions are with a professional carpet cleaner. They will know what to do with any stain on the carpet new or old, and they clean the carpet without damaging its fabric or fiber.

Other things that can collect in your carpet are soil, pet hair, threads, etc. These things can be dealt through carpet brushes, brooms or vacuuming while carpet cleaning. Another important point to remember while carpet cleaning is the carpet or rug type, these may require different treatments. You cannot use regular carpet cleaning agents or for that matter even baking soda or vinegar (used by some dry cleaners) on some carpets because its fiber may be too delicate and can bleach easily. Always try to get your carpet cleaned professionally once in a month. Professional carpet cleaners also give you some tips to maintain your carpet and to clean certain stains immediately.

The most common methods, however, are shampooing, dry cleaning, and steam cleaning. Shampooing uses specific cleaning agents suitable for the carpet fiber. The shampoo should be rinsed off thoroughly to prevent the carpet from getting dirtier. Dry cleaning involves spot cleaning and uses several natural cleaning agents, such as vinegar, baking soda, peroxide, etc, used by most dry cleaners in the market. But when you dry clean a carpet a lot of carpet cleaning will be still desired. Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction does a thorough job but not without its disadvantages. It is best carried out by professionals to prevent any accidental scalding or burns. Well, carpet cleaning will seem easier if you know your carpet well.